In 2005 COMPUTER EXPLORERS expanded into the UK. They operate under the brand ComputerXplorers (CX). The Master Licensee, Nigel Toplis has actively recruited new franchisees and they attend new owner training at our US headquarters in Texas.

New UK Franchisees, Wendy and Alan  Crocker attended our summer training. During the pre-training process we discovered that Alan was very involved with social media. He connected with us via LinkedIn, established his Facebook business page and had established a Twitter account. Lorri Wyndham, Operations Manager needed to modify training. Social Media 101 would not be appropriate for the Crocker’s!

As we worked with Alan we discovered many things and quickly realized that Alan is very involved in his community. Alan is the Founder and Chair of Derry Hill United FC, a children and youths football club. Over the years in the Club he has  increased player and volunteer involvement from 10 players/2 coaches to 220 players/35 coaches, improved the ground facilities through the fundraising and construction of a  Clubhouse and created an organization recognized and highlighted by the Football Association for the quality and breadth of what it delivers.

Alan is determined to use community involvement and experiences to build ComputerXplorers in Wessex. He is also determined to share his experiences and what he learns with the franchise system. Not just his fellow UK franchisees but with the U.S. franchisees as well.

Recently, Alan posted the following motivational message on the COMPUTER EXPLORERS LinkedIn Group Discussion:

Alan Crocker, UK Franchisee

“On Sunday, I searched press for items to tweet/blog about over the coming week. Found several ‘likely’ articles of an educational interest to see me through the next seven days. I decided I would tweet/facebook one of them as it was a timely piece talking about the change in primary school application process in my County (the changes take place this week when schools return). I thought this was a useful service to those parents who were about to experience this activity.

Today a local BBC Radio journalist rang me to ask what my interest in this topic was. She explained she was running a radio piece on the changes and had been scanning social media to find leads and research material and MY TWEET had come to light!

The opportunity was grasped with both hands. I offered to get her some vox-pop candidates from my football club and then gave her the CX pitch, new business, exciting technology clubs et al.

She’s going away to do her piece as planned but has said she is really interested in doing a piece on CX and tech. We’ve exchanged email addresses and I’m now looking forward to a radio interview on the BBC in October ;o)

Have hope everyone, keep throwing out the bait. There are fish out there ready to take a bite at any moment, they just need time to find your part of pond!”