If you know anything about COMPUTER EXPLORERS you know that we create fun in the workplace. Sometimes there is a photo on Facebook of a co-worker not completing a task. For the record the task was to complete her conference presentation and she was caught swimming in the company pool (after hours of course). We are known to develop funny videos about the history of COMPUTER EXPLORERS and enter them into international competition (actually took first place)! You can watch the video by clicking here

Foursquare fits right into our culture of fun allowing the team to compete for badges and of course Mayor! I will admit that I am a little competitive. It may be true that I dragged one of my franchisees (possibly Robin Scott) all around New York City so I could collect a few very specific badges: Today Show, Historian, Far Far Away badge etc.

We are a technology education franchise and accustomed to listening to children giggle joyfully while learning. We at COMPUTER EXPLORERS corporate office believe that we too can enjoy what we do and giggle joyfully. We create our own fun and involve other departments. For example: once we took a photo of an employee from another department and told him he was the new “CT” (computer turtle mascot). We couldn’t resist, we photo shopped his picture as the turtle and shared it with him and department. Not much he could do since he was on a business trip to Russia.

Foursquare fell right into our fun culture. Lorri Wyndham aka @LorriW on Twitter and I started competing for mayorship. Outsting each other day after day developed quite a cheering squad. There was a Lorri for Mayor team and a Deb for Mayor team.

Lorri came up with a brilliant plan how to resolve our battle. She decided to oust the Mayor of Northwest Forest. ICED Headquarters is part of the Northwest Forest 100 acre campus. Great solution! Now we can both be Mayor and battle anyone that tries to oust us without battling each other!

Charmayne Redd, Director of Advertising aka @Charmayne01 is also very competitive but she stays out of the Mayor feud. Instead she took on #4sqcling. Charmayne is the administrator for Foursquare Northwest Forest and when she received the window cling she made it Texas size so no one entering the campus will miss it and of course be able to say she has the largest cling (let’s not talk about Times Square). You know, everything is bigger in Texas!

Lorri Wyndham and Charmayne Redd

How do you create fun in the workplace? It’s proven that Foursquare is a successful location base application and should seriously be considered for its application of fun!