Wendy and Alan Crocker

COMPUTER EXPLORERS graduated another training class this week, Alan and Wendy Crocker of the UK. Prior to their arrival to their training in Texas they completed a pre-training with their corporate office and worked through a pre-training checklist we provide.

Buying a new franchise involves a great deal of investigating, planning and financial commitment. In my experience each new franchisee that arrives for training is filled with  excitement. On the very first day I watch reality set in when it’s time to execute. Excitement turns to nervousness and fear as the franchisees move from the exhilaration of “Wow, I bought a franchise” to “OMG, I bought a franchise!”

Each training group is different with unique personalities and previous work experiences. I am not alone when I say that in deed this training group was unique. Alan and Wendy came to us with a determination to be successful. This is not to say that previous new franchisees didn’t have the same determination but the Crocker’s went over and beyond their assigned pre-training requirements. They starting networking with other franchisees by observing classes, learning about the operation and anticipating training expectations. They worked through the pre-training assignments and learned as much as they could about the software and hardware that would be part of the offerings.

Our training includes the fundamentals of social technology. Our Operations Manager, Lorri Wyndham needed to revamp that session since the Crocker’s were tweeting about their purchase.Follow: @Croxuk Alan and I connected via LinkedIn and he  established a business Facebook prior to arriving! Please visit their page and “like” it. Linked here

It was wonderful to have new franchisees who did their due diligence by investigating, planning and making a strong commitment to be successful from day one.

Welcome Alan and Wendy Crocker to the franchise family!