Robin Scott, Franchisee of the Year

It was a last-minute surprise to have Robin Scott, COMPUTER EXPLORERS North Carolina Franchisee join me in New York for the Word of Mouth Supergenius conference organized by GasPedal. Robin is a member of the Franchise Advisory Council and was Franchisee of the Year in 2009. Robin is always supportive of new initiatives, demonstrates creativity and has immersed herself in social media.

Below I asked Robin a few questions about her attendance:

I know as a small business owner you must watch your business expenses very carefully. Attending Word of Mouth Supergenius conference was not a free event. Do you think you received your money’s worth by attending?

Considering the economic times, watching my spending is even more critical now.  The reason I chose to go to this conference was specifically for the subject matter, hoping I would learn things that would benefit my business and in the long run save me money. In that regard I felt it was worth it. I met lots of interesting knowledgeable people with great information on how to build business by word of mouth at no cost to the business owner. Doesn’t get any better than that!!

Speaker, Andy Sernovitz said “Your brand is not what you say it is – it’s what people tell their friends it is.” Do you think that is hard to achieve?

If you have a good product and service it shouldn’t be but consistency and quality is the key. Having good people work for you can make or break you.  WOM (word of mouth) works with good people.  As Andy says, “You have to have a brand worth talking about and a reason to talk about your stuff”. It’s a great message but it takes work. Nothing good can happen overnight.

Many are aware of the Domino’s story (store clerks posting a very unpleasant video on YouTube while making pizzas). We attended a presentation by Ramon DeLeon who spoke about his online presence for Domino’s. I watched you during Ramon’s presentation feverishly taking notes and declare “I want to be just like Ramon!”

Can you tell us what excited you?

Ramon was extremely engaging in his presentation and obviously with his customers and in the social media market. He has a tremendous presence on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, in addition to making personal appearances.  When people explain that you should build relationships with social media this is what Ramon does and with all this his Franchise has flourished. Even with Domino’s negative press, his positive attitude and love for what he does got his business past that. I thought Ramon was a Domino’s corporate employee but he is not. He is a franchisee with six locations in Chicago, Illinois. Ramon is a gentleman I can relate to. He is a perfect example of WOM (word of mouth) marketing, use of social media, and has great interpersonal skills taking him where I would like to see my business achieve.

For the nay-sayers out there, word of mouth marketing and social media does work!!!