I have returned to the office and trying to process everything I just learned at the International Society for Technology (ISTE) conference in Denver. My mind keeps wondering back to the dancing robot in the Exhibit Hall and contemplating how I can add that program to our offerings!

Three full days of sessions discussing our digital world and the responsibilities of the education industry was enlightening. I was fortunate that my daughter from NJ met me in Denver and my evenings were spent as a tourist. At this point I am totally exhilarated and exhausted.

Off the top of my head here are a few of major take a ways from the conference:

  • Traditional literacy has changed
  • We are a digital nation – is everyone literate?
  • As a nation we have the responsibility to raise digital children
  • Twitter can be used to develop the 21st century fluencies of a digital citizen
    • Solution Fluency, Information Fluency, Creativity Fluency, Media Fluency
  • There are related workplace issues when schools do not prepare students to compete in the new global economy
  • We need to inspire our students and empower our teachers

I love attending educational conferences and especially tech ed conferences where the use of technology is everywhere! Attendees were tweeting sessions using #ISTE10 quoting speakers and sharing what they were learning. ISTE has the world’s largest ed-tech exhibit keeping over 13k educators entertained with exhibits and presentations. There were simulcasts, webcasts and rebroadcasts of the content throughout the Convention Center. If you were unable to attend the conference educators could visit www.istevision.org. There was a Social Butterfly Lounge featuring the ISTE Connects blogspot and mini crash courses in social media. The “Bloggers Café featured blogging events and a live webcam. The Special Focus Playgrounds were well attended and coordinated by various school districts and organizations. Rebecca and Ross Parrent, COMPUTER EXPLORERS franchisees in Denver hosted The Robotics Arena featuring Denver area K-12 students displaying and demonstrating their robotics programs.

I have a few photos here on my Flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/debevansce/sets/72157624402642562

It’s time to acknowledge that technology does exist and it needs immediate attention in our education system. Businesses can lead the younger generation by example, provide guidance and appropriately use technology to the fullest capabilities as digital citizens.