Franchisee Alan Oppenheimer

Is  your brand/company likable? Can  someone follow your brand/organization on LinkedIn?

The new social plugin Facebook button “Like”   allows visitors to make connections to your webpage and share content with their friends on Facebook.

Here is a quick video Facebook did on the new social plugin, click here A blog post by Lauren Indvik “Facebook Like Increases Referral Traffic to Blogs by 50%” can be found here

Test the “Like” button by  visiting the COMPUTER EXPLORERS blog page by clicking here

The new “”Follow Company” button on LinkedIn can be found on the upper right side of the Company Profile.  Once you follow the company you will receive updates of new hires and company profile updates. It is extremely easy to follow a company.

Test it by visiting the COMPUTER EXPLORERS profile   found by clicking here

COMPUTER EXPLORERS is socially PluggedIn are you?