Last week I presented at the International Center for Entrepreneurial Development (ICED) Executive Conference. The attendees were franchisees (owners) of the other brands under the umbrella of ICED: Kwik Kopy Printing, Franklin’s Printing, The Ink Well, American Wholesale Thermographers, Parcel Plus and Kwik Kopy Business Center.

My presentation was: Inbound Marketing (social media).  When first invited to do the presentation my initial reaction was to decline. I know this brand and I also know that most of the owners are very hesitate to get involved with social media. Then I considered it a challenge. What is the saying, “If you make it here you can make it anywhere?” I decided if I could take on some of the most successful but challenging individuals in the print industry and educate and excite them to at least consider social media then I will have the confidence to take on the next challenging group.

In the front row to my right  sat a doubter of social media. To my left was a skeptic. Way in the back sat the  cynic making eye contact. It’s amazing how far a presenter can see and spot eye roll. I will admit the entire audience was polite but vocal about their viewpoints. I was comfortable with the exchange of questions and the answers I provided.  I received the courteous applause at the end and several attendees came to the front to ask a few questions and seek advice. I sincerely believe and have heard that many “saw the light.”

The real win came late yesterday when I received an email from the doubter announcing he has a new Facebook page and working on his LinkedIn profile. The skeptic updated his LinkedIn profile. And the cynic, well I think it will take time to convince him. I have lots of time, patience and I love a good challenge.

I haven’t read all the evaluations yet so I can’t declare a total win but I am humming “I am king of the hill, top of the heap … “