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Your Kids Need to Play More Video Games  in Class!

Deb Evans wants to see your children play video games in the classroom.

Actually, she wants your kids to experience what video gamers call an ‘epic win’: she wants them to solve problems they didn’t think they could solve using creative thinking and innovation so they have regular learning breakthroughs.

“When people think of video games, they think of lethargic kids staring at computer screens,” said Evans, CEO of Computer Explorers, a Houston-based technology education franchisor. “The reverse is true: video games teach kids that creative thinking and problem solving can win most scenarios and solve most problems. When kids learn to innovate, they have learning breakthroughs; innovation is the key to helping an entire generation of kids perform at higher levels.”

Computer Explorers uses specially designed video games, robots, 3-D worlds and other cutting-edge technology as part of its TechStars program for grade school kids. The franchise teaches extra-curricular classes at schools all over the country and in five foreign countries, often incorporating technology education into after school programs and summer sessions.

These classes are making a difference in traditional schools that can’t always keep technology current or afford to staff specifically trained instructors. Evans is not alone: educational experts including Jane McGonigal, a PHD researcher with The Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, CA, are making the case that video games belong in the classroom and that we have to innovate the way we teach our children if we want to catch up to other countries.

“We want to teach American children how to learn and we are achieving a learning breakthrough one child at a time,” said Evans. “If we do it using technology that makes kids hungry for learning, everybody wins.”

About Computer Explorers
Computer Explorers is a franchise system that makes a difference: it helps children fill the gap in traditional education by using creative technology to teach critical thinking, creative problem solving and to reinforce math, science, reading, and social studies readiness skills. Computer Explorers has was founded in 1983 and teaches over 25,000 students a week through 68 franchise locations in the US and five foreign countries. For more information and franchise opportunities, visit