How do you handle a hard day when it appears you have satisfied no one and accomplished even less? Do you have days when it’s easier to be angry at the world than happy? I will admit I do.

But it doesn’t take long when my mood is changed and I’m reminded that if I don’t control my emotions it will control me.

Viewing a video of the COMPUTER EXPLORERS classes in action and the enthusiasm of our franchisee, Bruce Bertan helps!

Receiving  the iPad also improves the mood! I will admit that I have enjoyed taunting some of my professional friends that we have an iPad and to date they do not. I’m excited to see if the iPad will change how we do business. Our plans are to have curriculum writer Roz Shafer develop lessons to use the apps of the iPad for classroom use. Several of the COMPUTER EXPLORERS franchisees have their iPad and are anxiously awaiting to start the program in their local community. Kathy Muller, Director  Sales and Training Development plans to share her thoughts on ways to use the iPad for sales presentations.

I started my day grumpy and angry at the world. I am leaving on a much better mood  with the iPad in hand to explore how I can use it for my large group presentation later this week!