Please click on the bus to enlarge so you can read the banner! It says “Listen in each week and learn something. Maybe” The graphic was designed from a website The Generator Blog shared by BJ Emerson during our “When In Doubt Geek It Out” segment of Social Geek Radio.

I am always energized on Fridays following Social Geek Radio. I love doing the show and last night our guest was Gini Dietrich. One of the topics we discussed was blogging controversial topics. Gini’s recent post “Attire Not Appropriate for Public Speaking” generated a lot of discussion, good and bad. I’m following the comments and for the most part I see good stimulating conversation. I admire Gini for posting a topic that she knew  would “ruffle feathers” but she posted it anyway.

What I have learned after reading Gini’s post and our conversation last night is that it’s time to get on the bus. Yes, I ride the Social Geek Radio bus weekly but I have yet to step onto the bus of Controversial Topics. My personality type according to DISC profile assessment is a high “D” and high “I”. In other words: direct, daring, domineering, enthusiastic, impulsive and persuasive. I need to transfer some of my real life personality into my social media personality and become a little daring.

As Jim Collins (author of Good to Great) says: “Greatness is not a function of circumstance, it’s a matter of conscious choice and discipline.” Collins talks about getting the right people on the bus and then know where to drive it.

I’m on-board the right bus with the right people.  I learn something new each week from BJ, Gini and so many others. It’s time to focus on my direction.

Are you on the right bus and do you know where it’s going?