I have the opportunity to present at the ICED (International Center for Entrepreneurial Development) Executive Conference in June. The attendees are owners of ICED’s print, pack and ship brands. I was invited to speak on social media. In all honesty, the majority of the attendees are not only unfamiliar with  the use of social media for their business but most likely believe it’s just a fad. I have a big job ahead of me to introduce, educate and encourage the use of social media!

The group understands the value of outbound marketing. For years they have used print ads, trade shows, telemarketing and direct mail campaigns in their business practices. It was suggested by Kathy Muller, Director Sales & Training Development to start by calling my session “Inbound Marketing.”

Hubspot has an excellent report on Inbound Marketing found on this  link. I plan to share the report and present compelling reasons why the audience should move aggressively in the direction of inbound marketing. I will need to address the challenges and be prepared to answer the obvious question that will be asked, “What is the ROI?”

To generate interest in my session and introduce the concept of Inbound Marketing I started with a promotional video to introduce myself and brief description of my session found here. I have prepared a 35 page Inbound Marketing Resource Guide that they can take home  after the session to ensure they can begin their inbound marketing day one! Part of my presentation will include drawings. I want the audience to go home with as many tools and resources necessary to implement inbound marketing and why.

Trust Agents, The Mirror Test, Twitter Marketing, When Growth Stalls

I will follow the keynote speaker which can be a tough spot. This time I will view it as a positive! Jeff Hayzlett, former CMO Kodak and author of The Mirror Test will open the conference. I am very excited to meet him and hear his presentation. Jeff Hayzlett is a celebrity CMO according to Forbes.com! He is an outspoken, gregarious business leader that uses inbound marketing (social media) to grow business! He knows how to use  emotional technology to connect with customers. I have joined his Facebook page, follow his tweets and already feel connected to Jeff.

How lucky am I that Jeff will open the conference and warm the audience to my presentation on Inbound Marketing?