Growing up as a kid I was never characterized as a geek or risk taker. Today with the use of social technology I’m learning and growing into those characterizations.

Last night was the first episode of Social Geek Radio with my co-host BJ Emerson. Starting an internet radio show was not only a risk but I found that I needed to dig a little deep to find my geek to pull it off.

Multi-tasking has always been something I do well. Any mom with kids totally understands where I’m coming from. Any leader and/or manager gets it too. Multi-tasking for me hit a new level monitoring and helping to manage the show. For example: I had two computers set up. My laptop was running tweetdeck so I could monitor and engage in conversations regarding the show in real time. I had a desktop computer set up with the blogtalkradio link. It displayed the callers, chat feature and a running clock of how much time we had left for the show. I was using my cell phone to call in (we don’t own a land line) and was pushed a little too far when my good friend and team member wanted to test my geekiness by sending me a blackberry message. I ignored that message since she was also direct messaging me on Twitter. Good try Lorri and maybe next week I will surprise you with a reply.

Things I learned that work:

  • With a co-host it’s easier to screen callers while the other host keeps the show going. At first it was a bit freaky having BJ pop in and out but monitoring his “microphone” icon I could tell when he was mute and when he returned with the caller.
  • Chatting with listeners on the call via the whisper feature is pretty cool. I received some great helpful tips from listeners that we will add for the show next week.
  • Knowing who is tuned into the show via Twitter is encouraging. Especially when they are posting very positive tweets!
  • Allowing callers to ask questions live is risky but I think the unscripted participation can be interesting. Neither BJ nor I knew our caller Chris Adams from Connecticut but thoroughly enjoyed his interest and participation!
  • Constructive criticism is welcomed but I will admit that watching the tweets after the show is a little nerve wracking.

Things I learned from my mistakes:

  • You can’t submit your podcast to iTunes until after the first episode. Duh! Hopefully it’s uploading properly and can be found.
  • The recording continues as long as you are connected to blogtalkradio. I thought that once the clock ran out that the recording would stop. Not the case!  SO…we need to work on our closure and actually disconnect and take our discussion off line.
  • Yes, I like to talk but if I don’t breath and stop talking over BJ then I will find myself alone weekly.

If you listened and want to send me your feedback I would greatly appreciate it!