We all know social media is  about engagement. Like most of you I started using social media several years ago with LinkedIn. I securely held the position of President of COMPUTER EXPLORERS so I didn’t establish an account to search for a job. My goal was to develop relationships with peers in the franchise industry and help to build brand awareness of COMPUTER EXPLORERS. I wanted to leverage relationships with people I had worked with previously, friends, former customers and of course to build new connections.

In December 2008 I was convinced that I needed to join Twitter and spend time listening and learning. I listened until March 2009 and started tweeting like a fiend. By the end of the month I had 62 followers. According to http://www.twitterholic.com I had 922 followers by August 2009. Once again my goal was to make new connections and leverage relationships.

It was natural for my next steps to develop a Facebook page, Flickr, Digg and Delicious accounts and then of course start blogging!

Over the last year I have been fortunate to appear on The Franchise Show with Jeff D’Arcy and again with Rieva. I did an interview on The Business Makers Show with Esther Steinfeld and most recently did a BlogTalkRadio show with host Paul Segreto.

Just when I thought I couldn’t add another tool to my social media strategy I’ve decide it’s time to co-host a new online radio show, Social Geek Radio! BlogTalkRadio is a social network application allowing people to easily host their own online radio show. I’m honored that my co-host will be BJ Emerson, Social Technology Officer for Tasti D-Lite.

Our first episode is scheduled for Thursday May 13th 6pm PT/8pm CT/9pm ET. You can find more information on www.socialgeekradio.com or www.blogtalkradio.com/socialgeekradio. BJ and I plan to share our tips on social media and at the end of each show BJ will share “When in Doubt Geek it Out!”

We hope you can join us!