A local church displays a motivational quote weekly. They are always inspiring and sometimes very humorous. The posting for last week was: “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” This was unfamiliar so I did a Google search and found the photo of The Statue of Liberty with the quote by  author Les Brown. He has another motivational quote that caught my attention: “You must remain focused on your journey to greatness.”


There are times when I lose my focus and my sense of purpose. My goals seem out of reach. I let outside challenges consume me. My journey to greatness becomes a burden. I doubt my ability to accomplish my goals. When this happens I become tired, defeated and lose my motivation. It’s crippling and very unproductive. I go to work daily completing tasks with very little feeling.   I drove by the church motivational board daily and one day I internalized the message. Why wasn’t I taking a stand for what I believed in? What would it take to get back on track  to accomplish my goals.

I took a stand. I confronted what was not working. I wrote my monthly letter to our franchise system with a very direct message. I spoke to my partners (vendors) and outlined my expectations. I visited with co-workers and supervisors to eliminate my complacency and theirs. I am once again committed to taking risks due to the optimism I have in the future and ignoring the dissatisfaction I have of the past. 

As I continue my journey to greatness  I’m fully committed to success!

My own, my team, my franchise.