How do you pick the perfect speaker for your conference? Do you depend on recommendations? Do you search the web and hope to find the individual that will connect with your attendees?

COMPUTER EXPLORERS had excellent speakers at the annual conference last week. Here’s why: I followed and almost stalked professional speakers on Twitter and read their blogs for weeks. After several eliminations I connected to a few via the old fashion way and had telephone conversations to get to know them. Again a round of eliminations.

I know my franchisees better than anyone else. I know what their needs are. I know their personalities. With this knowledge I look for a speaker that will engage and connect with the audience. Someone that my franchisees will trust and hang on to every word that is presented. You must know the audience 100% and fully understand the theme and goals for their presentation and share this with the speaker. A good…a perfect speaker will spend the time necessary to understand the culture and the audience before their scheduled presentation.

I needed speakers that would deliver educational content, be entertaining and motivational. Hard qualities to find but not impossible! Each of our speakers this year exceeded my expectations but more importantly the franchisees walked away with concrete action steps to take home with them. They were entertained by stories that were shared in presentations. They were motivated by the passion the speakers had for the topic and how it related personally to the COMPUTER EXPLORERS concept. Each speaker spent time with the franchisees before their session to get to know them personally and their challenges. They addressed everyone in the audience on a first name basis not because they were wearing a name tag but because they knew them personally.

I don’t have room in this blog post to give a full bio of each speaker but I can introduce them to you with a video!

Randy Hall, CEO 4th Gear Consulting

Michael St. Jacques, Chief Strategic Office, GMLV/St. Jacques

Susan Young, CEO Get in Front Communications

The speakers above made our conference a success. A big thank you to each of them!