The excitement is growing within the COMPUTER EXPLORERS team for the arrival of franchisees in less than 10 days! If you are not a franchisor and never felt the excitement prior to a conference, it’s similar to the excitement that is felt when approaching an annual family reunion.

COMPUTER EXPLORERS is a system of franchisees that have known each other for 1, 5, 15 and even 20 years!  With this history comes an intimate knowledge of franchisees,  rivalries and  friendships.

There will be groups of franchisees that will huddle together and reminisce of previous conferences and events. Stories will be told about the year  franchisees gathered for a group photo and were mooned by a hotel resident. The poor photographer at the top of a tall ladder had no clue there was mooner just below him. It is the best group photo in COMPUTER EXPLORERS history!

There will be stories of the years we conducted Franchise Advisory Council meetings and how the northeast region of franchisees were locked up in a room for hours. There were arguments, tears and  laughter until  the meeting concluded in the wee hours of the morning. (The west and south region of franchisees met and conducted business in less than 30 minutes!)

Some will remember the year the Franchisee of the Year took the microphone and her acceptance speech was almost as long as the conference itself. Very entertaining and heart-felt! The same year another  franchisee delivered a “clicking heels” story that is retold year after year.

So the countdown begins. This year with the implementation of social media so does the taunting. I admit I have really enjoyed posting tweets or Facebook messages providing hints about conference. I have generated interest and intrigued some with messages like “what do lizards, rocks and conference have in common?”

There will be an expectation that 2010 conference will be better than ever. I am confident that the COMPUTER EXPLORERS corporate team is working as hard as they possibly can to make that happen.

Ten days to go and my extended family arrives! To those franchisors that do not feel the excitement as I do prior to an annual conference, I’m sorry! There is nothing better than the excitement and opportunity to spend time with franchisees.


COMPUTER EXPLORERS group photo at annual conference