I have spent a great deal of time  working on my IFA (International Franchise Association) presentation on “Ideas to Increase Online Visibility and Drive More Traffic for Free”. It is an honor to be one of  the four panel of experts. 

The panel consists of: Philip St. Jacques, Partner, GMLV/St. Jacques, Bill Zinke, Chief Marketing Officer, Tasti-D-Lite, Grant Kreutzer, Franchise Recruiting Director of Jack in the Box and me! Our goal is to knock the socks off the audience. Our presentation will deliver three ideas they can be implemented to drive online visibility for FREE.

My part is to explain how COMPUTER EXPLORERS implemented a social media tool kit. Sharing how as a technology provider, I am constantly faced with the challenge of staying educated on the newest technology offerings and opportunities. As a business leader I strongly believe I need to embrace social media and use it to help drive the franchise to success.

As a parent I was never successful with comments “do as I say and not as I do” or “do it because I said so”. It was no surprise the same attitude would not be well received as a franchise industry leader either! There are a few simple steps to success.

Step one – before rolling out an idea it is imperative to believe it in on a corporate level. Understand all the opportunities. Embrace it 100% and be ready to support successfully.

Step two comes after the corporate team engages heavily in social media. Everyone is confident with the content and tools before sharing with the system.

Step three is to design a kit that is divided into a variety of sections to give participation. For example:

  • Why social media?
  • Social media channel overview
  • Building a social media footprint
  • Growing your following

COMPUTER EXPLORERS social media kit provides a simple to use 30 day step by step process. Time involved is 15 minutes to 60 minutes a day. It depends on the person.

As I continue to build my own social media footprint I stretch myself a little further each week. I set goals to not only read but contribute to blog posts, accept invitations to be a guest blogger, post customer reviews on Amazon, network and continue to build confidence that I have contributions that will interest followers.

I’m not a shy person in face-to-face settings so why should I be shy digitally. I have enjoyed building my social media footprint. If my contributions in social networking makes a difference for just one person then it encourages me to continue. The rewards I receive in return are priceless!