I have something to admit. I played hooky from work yesterday. I felt I deserved a day to myself to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. I learned quickly that I don’t always get what I want!

It started with not feeling well over the weekend. A beautiful Texas weekend with opportunities to sit in the sun to read a book, wash my car (my favorite pastime), play with the dogs, etc. Since I wasn’t feeling well none of that happened and I spent the weekend doing nothing! Monday morning arrives and physically I felt better but with lots of negative attitude. I felt cheated out of a day to myself. My team has heard me say on many occasions that if “you made the decision to come to work then you  made the decision to give 110% to your job”. I only had 10% to give so I played hooky.  The plan was to do all the fun things I didn’t get to do on the weekend.

My plans quickly disappeared when I turned on the faucet and very little water came out. The  motor to the water pump died! No water pump…no water! I immediately called the well company and they promptly arrived at 3pm. They arrived as quickly as they could and stayed as long as necessary to replace the pump. They were a very service oriented company and I have no complaints despite the wait.

So my day of hooky turned into a day of work from home. I answered emails, worked on my IFA (International Franchise Association) presentation, wrote an article for our newsletter, etc. I spent the entire day working  in my pjs (no water…no shower…no WAY I was going to work or anywhere in public).

When I returned to work today I was commit 110% to make it a good day. I had a full day which consisted of calls with franchisees, a conference call with COMPUTER EXPLORERS Curriculum & Program Development Director Cyndee Perkins and our UK international master licensee, IFA planning with techie guru BJ Emerson, a social media discussion with the social media queen herself Gini Dietrich, met with Lorri Wyndham and Charmayne Redd to brainstorm conference awards and so much more!

To top off the end of a very productive work day I arrived home in time to wash my car and play with the dogs!

I am so glad that today when I woke up I was ready to give 110% to my job. In return, I received 150% from everyone I worked with!

You can’t get much work done at 10% and a negative attitude. I believe that it is just as easy to share and spread a positive attitude as it is a negative one. I don’t play hooky much but I’m confident that when I do everyone benefits. I always return with 110% commitment and lots of attitude (positive that is).