It’s January 1st and as expected every Blog, Tweet or Facebook message that I read today is about resolutions and setting goals. I don’t usually announce New Year’s Resolutions because I tend to set unrealistic goals and then I am disappointed when I don’t meet them. It’s not to say that I am different from anyone else who wants to lose weight, work less, spend more time with family, etc. I do want all of those things and will do my best eat healthier, relax in the evenings and travel to see my grown kids! I will continue to start my day on a positive note and work hard to build COMPUTER EXPLORERS to be the leading Technology Education Franchise. It’s time to rejuvenate our business and refresh our offerings and I am anxious to get started as soon as possible.

I may not have specific resolutions but I do have plans for 2010. I want to be a better person and strive to reach my full potential.  I spent 2009 finding interesting people to connect to through social networks and found great industry leaders in the blogsphere and subscribe to their posts. Today I organized my RSS feeds, emails and actually unsubscribed to many newsletters that I have lost interest in. Now that I am prepared to manage my social networks I am ready to connect personally. I have scheduled phone calls with individuals that I have communicated with on social networks but not spoke to before. I plan to add responses to blogs instead of just reading and moving on.

In 2010 I want to take advantage of the business networking groups I belong to. Most have monthly or quarterly meetings and for one reason or another I could not attend in 2009. This year I will take advantage of the great opportunities to meet new people and the possibility of developing  lasting relationships. I cannot only learn from new contacts but plan to share my own expertise.

I look forward to the COMPUTER EXPLORERS conference. My goal is to help franchisees  focus on the 3 R’s of Business for 2010: Relax, Refresh and Rejuvenate. We are connected through new and unpredictable ways by technology and always enjoy getting together in real-time.

I don’t want the most positive thing about 2010 to be that it is no longer 2009. I am anxious to learn more and grow both professionally and personally in 2010. To those of you that subscribe to my blog please reach out and let’s get to know one another better this year!

Happy New Year and best wishes for great success!