During our road trip from Texas to Virginia it is very obvious how technology has changed our lives. My husband and I  make this trip every year so we know exactly what is needed for our travel. We both like to read so we were sure to include our favorite books. In previous years we would pack a large bag with several books for each of us. This year all we needed was the Kindle.

Since it is always difficult to find a good radio station without static we travel with our favorite CDs. This year all we needed was the Droid (Verizon Multi-Media station cell phone) with the Pandora app.

Travel over the years meant we were busy with three children in the car trying to keep everyone entertained during the trip. They were forbidden to ask “are we there yet?” This is the first year we were traveling alone and all  we needed was to entertain each other.  After a few hours of reading and  conversation I decided to reach out to my network through Uber Twitter on my Blackberry and engage in conversation. I was able to catch up with my  friend @JeffMello from Atlanta , @Justinthesouth in North Carolina, @itzabitza in Seattle and many more. I was also multi-tasking and sending text messages to Cyndee Perkins and my adult children in NJ, TX and AL. I had the capabilities to send emails to Lorri Wyndham regarding the 2010 COMPUTER EXPLORERS conference.  With the Facebook app on my Blackberry I checked in with  family and friends.

On Saturdays I like to listen to the Computer Corner radio show hosted by Ken Colburn in Phoenix AZ if possible. The show is streamed live through their web page so to tune in all I needed to do was set up my computer with the wireless aircard. This week Ken was discussing “To switch or not to switch (to a Mac)” which I thought would be of interest to others so I posted a reminder on Twitter along with a photo and message documenting how I was tuned in. Ken lifted the photo and posted on Data Doctor facebook page and announced on air that I was the “most special fan in the world”.

Technology has changed my world and I am a happy high tech multi-tasker!