Nigel Toplis

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling with Nigel Toplis, ComputerXplorers Master License for the UK. I have known Nigel since 2004 but each time we meet I walk away with something new.

Things that I did know about Nigel:

  • 15 years in franchising, Managing Director of 4 major franchise companies,
  • former chairman of the British Franchise Association (BFA)
  •  received franchisor of the Year under BFA in 2003
  • loves horse racing and fine wine

Things that I learned during our travel:

  • author of 5 books which are 60 minute guides to business (2 related to franchising) and he is working on his 6th
  • I know that Nigel has a driving ambition for business but until last week I didn’t fully understand his passion for franchising and his desire for his business or businesses to be the best in the industry.
  • He has a strong belief in hard work not only for himself but his staff and his franchisees and nothing less is acceptable.
  • He believes his responsibility is to assist prospective franchisees in selecting a franchise that fits well with their experience, expectations, resources and skills, Steps in the process are : suitability; investment level; industry; comparing franchise options; advice; and making a decision.
  • Plays piano!

I am comfortable speaking for the entire COMPUTER EXPLORERS team when I say that Nigel always sends us strong franchisees for new owner training. I think my next step to get to know Nigel and the entire ComputerXplorers team is to make a visit across the pond myself!