0511-0803-2716-1630_Lady_P_I__Looking_for_Clues_clipart_imageI spent a great deal of time last week speaking to COMPUTER EXPLORERS prospects. It’s very time-consuming but a task I like to do. I really enjoy assessing entrepreneur’s personalities to predict their capabilities and their fit into our culture. What I have learned from my discussions with our prospects is most are very optimistic about their decision to leave corporate America and to follow their entrepreneurial dream and franchise search. Purchasing a franchise can be one of the biggest decisions and risk they will make in their life. As they learn more about COMPUTER EXPLORERS they too assess their fit. Some decide it’s not right for them but those that want to explore the next step become excited about the possibilities. Their excitement renews my passion and enthusiasm and I get the opportunity to relive all the emotions I felt when I first became a franchisee!

What personalities have I found in the entrepreneurs I’m working with? What traits do they have that might lead them to financial independence? In Street Smart Franchising written by Joe Mathews, Don DeBolt and Deb Percival describe prospects as typecast actors: The Action Hero, The Comedian, The Faithful Sidekick or The Private Eye.

Here is a brief description of each of the actors according to Street Smart Franchising:

The Action Hero: outgoing, hard-charging, risk-taking, task-oriented, efficient, organized and results oriented.

The Comedian: fun-loving, outgoing, empathetic, risk-taking, people oriented, enthusiastic and charming.

The Faithful Sidekick: warm, dependable, good-natured, structured, methodical and empathetic team player.

Private Eye: precise, exact, focused, detailed, neat, systematic, open-minded and slow-paced.

Will one particular personality trait determine success or failure? COMPUTER EXPLORERS is made up of all personality types.  Franchisees who achieve their goals in our business do so based on their personality and how to manage it.