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High road or low road?

High road or low road?

My daily  routine each business day starts with a great cup of coffee and social media. I like to check my email, Facebook messages and Twitter. I’ve added a new routine  by visiting Steve McKee’s website http://www.findyournerve.comEach day a different executive will  post a message about finding their nerve.

This week I had to dig deep and find my nerve. I had a choice to take the low road or take the high road and speak up with honesty. The low road would have been easy but I make my decisions based on my morals and integrity. I choose the high road with no regrets.

I am a realist. I know there will continue to be challenges and decisions to be made and some battles will continue. But I am ready to make a difference and will continue to fight those battles. I am leader of a franchise brand and a team that I believe strongly in. I have a corporate team of individuals that depend on me. We have  franchisees that rely on the corporate team. They have staff and families that depend on them to deliver quality technology education.

As a team we make the decision each day to find the nerve to travel the high road to and in work! No job comes without some grunt work whether it’s physical or mental. As long as the rewards at the end of the day out weigh the physical and mental demand I know I have made a difference. I hope to NEVER lose my nerve.