Blog lesson #9 – still investing tags!

I like to learn the hard way. Well, not that I like it but it’s definitely the way I learn. Public speaking, having my photo taken and having a video  of myself has never ranked as a  favorite. What I have learned over the years is  if I don’t venture into unchartered territory for myself then I will never learn to get over that particular fear. Something else I have learned is not to be so critical of myself.

So I am posting a video here for all to see. It’s actually on YouTube already but with only 20 views not many have seen it. I plan to re-film but I am totally open to suggestions. I will continue to lighten up a little, smile more and be myself but there is something about the little red light on the video camera that sends shivers down my spine and I freeze! Help me with my message. Why would someone click on my video and what are their expectations?

Nothing ventured….nothing learned and I plan to continue to learn with YOUR help!