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At the end of each day I like to ask myself “Did I make a difference today?” I am like most individuals that puts in more than an eight hour work day but wonders what was really accomplished. Most days I am so busy with the details and working through task lists. If Michael Gerber (author E-Myth Revisited) were to visit he would be very disappointed in me. Since I have met him in person I can hear his voice in my head and see his kind but firm expression on his face when he asks “Deb, are you working in your business or on your business?”

Well Mr. Gerber today I made you proud! Early in the day I hosted our franchisor group call. We get together as often as possible to share and learn from one another. I invited a new member to our group, Thomas Scott from ShowHomes and he graciously shared what he learned from his recent trip to Franchise Update in Chicago. Thomas is someone I know I will learn a great deal from and fortunate to have he and other franchisors to work with! Thank you Thomas and I know I speak for the others when I say welcome!

Recently while reviewing the profiles of my followers I discovered that new follower @Wendy_Bowser lives a few miles from my office. I started following Wendy and invited her to lunch. Today she joined @LorriW and @Charmayne01 and me.  What a delightful person! Wendy left knowing more about COMPUTER EXPLORERS and we learned more about Wendy. We plan to meet again to see how she and Aflac can help our franchisees!

The last call of the day was with a group of like minded franchisees and our business coach. Last month it was decided to invite two other franchisees to the call and they were a great addition! Our goal each month is to talk openly and honestly about  individual businesses, corporate responsibilities and to learn and share from one another. Each are willing to express their weaknesses and share their strengths. In all honesty when the calls started many months ago my initial fear was that it would open the flood gates to complaints and demands of me. Not once has that happened. COMPUTER EXPLORERS franchisees continue to display the one for all and all for one attitude that I wish for all franchise systems. If you are a Twitter user I  suggest you follow one of the newest members @JenMorack! She faithfully reviews our new social media kit and tries to implement something new each week. She will be a great asset to our group by sharing her social media experiences with the franchisees that are a little hesitant to embrace social media.

So as I close for the night and ask myself “did I make a difference?” I can reply “Yes and so did Thomas, Wendy and Jen!”