Blog Lesson #7: Add a widget…add a link in the post!

I spent time outside on a lovely Houston day this afternoon soaking up sun rays and considering what I would write about today. Then I remembered it’s Friday and time to update my #Follow Friday list. I apologize to my NJ friends that were experiencing a cool day only to read my tweets about my fun in the sun. You are all more than welcome to visit any time and I promise to share!

When I lived in NJ I spent many a day relaxing  at the Jersey shore or at East Beach in our Lake Pine community. My reading pleasure was  trashy romance novels. Yes, I liked to read Nora Roberts, Nicholas Sparks, Danielle Steel etc. But since I’ve moved to Texas and working hard to improve my leadership and franchising skills I read less of the romance novels and spend more time learning as much as I can from different authors. What I particularly enjoy now is finding an author that I can also follow on Twitter!

Here is my #Follow Friday list of authors that I continue to learn from long after I have finished their book.

@JasonAlba I’m on LinkedIn Now What? LinkedIn was one of my first experiences with social media. For years my husband tried to convince me to use LinkedIn as a professional tool. Once I fully understood the networking possibilities I became hooked and introduced it to our franchisees 2 years ago at our annual conference. This is a very easy reference and user guide for beginners and those already linkedin.

@WhenGrowthStalls written by Steve McKee. My favorite chapter is “Take a Deep Breath”. Steve says, “I tell my people to remind themselves of a simple six-word axiom: Not my fault. Is my problem. The principle behind this statement is that they shouldn’t waste time feeling culpable because something went wrong.” Steve has been great to follow on Twitter and his blog. His new website went live this week and I look forward to daily posts from executives. I am totally excited that my contribution to the site will appear November 19th.

@MarilynLogan I can’t afford to marry you I met Marilyn at an eWomen network meeting and took her book home with me. She tells her personal struggles of reaching financial freedom. Marilyn is known as The Money Lady and has appeared on Dr. Phil, Oprah and Good Day Houston. Since our first meeting she spoke at our annual conference and shared her “Save your $5 campaign”. It’s a simple saving idea but harder than you think. I saved my $5’s but what I am particularly proud of is that I recently shared my $5’s with a very special person who is taking a trip to watch her son graduate from Marine bootcamp. The trip is very important to her and I’m thrilled that the little I saved will  help her financially with the trip.

@ChrisBrogan Trust Agents Absolutely the best social media book I have ever read! Thank you @SarahRobinson for the blog post suggesting that her tribe read it. Chris and co-author Julien Smith convinced me that I could blog! Why, how and what to blog about. In the last chapter they say “With newspapers, phone books, and video stores, along with a bunch of other dinosaur industries, going bankrupt, things are getting a bit worrisome. So why not try something new..” I’m still learning and I hope I can soon stop posting my lessons with each new blog post.

@HollisThomases Twitter Marketing: An Hour A Day I learned today through @ginidietrich blog post that I could pre-order the book. I’ve been following Hollis for a few months now and have enjoyed her tweets as she has conducted research for her writing. I’m too easily distracted to be as focused as she to write a book. I am very anxious to get a copy hot off the press to read. 

I want to continue my reading so if you have a suggestion please send it my way especially if I can follow the autor on Twitter!