Blog Lesson #6: Take advantage of Widgets. I have added Flickr!

I brag on my team and franchisees all the time. I don’t know of another group of individuals who believe so passionately and strongly in each other and the brand they represent. What I don’t do often enough is thank each of them for all they do. I intend to correct this!

My photos on Flickr show the fun side of the franchisees. They work very hard all year long and really enjoy our banquet night celebrating each others successes. This year we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of COMPUTER EXPLORERS!

Yesterday I had a very uncomfortable call with a franchisee. It was a passionate call which required some very honest discussion. She was disappointed in me and my team. This is hard to admit as a franchisor and leader. But I strongly believe that if I’ve done something wrong I need to admit to it, apologize and  resolve the issues that brought us to this point.

Chris Brogan said “History is there to learn from, but not to obsess over. Make mistakes. Apologize. Repeat. And grow from your passion.”

Today we had a follow up call. We focused on a win-win approach and not the conflict. I believe we are in the right direction rebuilding our trust in each other. There is still much to do but knowing the passion that we both have and the team to support us we will have a positive outcome.