Blog Lesson #5 Don’t give up! Blogging takes commitment and a little dedication.

I have been exceptionally busy since my last post.  I watched my last child leave the nest. He’s off to Air Force Officer Training School. It’s so bittersweet. Three grown children off exploring the world on their own without me. It’s exactly what their father and I prepared them to do but where did the time go and how will we survive empty nest syndrome?

Last week I had the opportunity to do my own exploring. I traveled to a state I’ve never visited and conducted a presentation to The Entrepreneur Source. I have a confession to make…it was the largest group I presented to that wasn’t part of COMPUTER EXPLORERS! Another confession…I loved it! The presentation was on social media and I found it very exciting to share what I’ve learned over the last year.

Some leaders speak easily and better than others. I will admit I need practice and challenge myself to venture outside of my comfort level. I worked on the following presentation tips and pleased that I did my very best:

  • Know your topic and audience
  • Practice several times and rehearse in front of someone who can critique you (honestly)
  • Plan for the use of visual aids and equipment
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Stay in control
  • Speak naturally and most of all be yourself

All I need now is to schedule my next presentation!