Blog Lesson #4: If I need to look up my password then I’m not logging in often enough!

Twitter has Tweeple Tuesday. A day that Twitter users  make recommendations of new users on Twitter. It’s a great idea and I have participated often.

Today I decided to dedicate my time to Team Tuesday to take a moment to acknowledge what I believe is the best franchise team in the industry! Each member of the CE Team and extended Team plays a valuable role in our success. As a leader I know that when I’m traveling they will go over and beyond their responsibilities to keep things running smoothly. There are other departments in our organization and CE has the reputation of loyality, honesty, dependability and most of all passion and enthusiasm! We have the one for all and all for one spirit that is contagious.

Years ago when I was a franchisee in NJ I had the pleasure of  coordinating the COMPUTER EXPLORERS annual conference. The following is a quote (author unknown) I used and still believe in.

The great companies and Teams are those that share the similarities and celebrate the differences.

They seek harmony, not uniformity

They hire talent, not color or caste

They strive for oneness, not sameness

No one goes alone to the height of excellence

Your success will depend on others

And theirs will depend on you!

T: Together

E: Everyone

A: Achieves

M: More

So in the spirit of my Team Tuesday I want to introduce you to my CE Team and extended team. Read more about them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. They are worth meeting.

Cyndee Perkins, Curriculum & Program Development Director

Lorri Wyndham, Operations Manager

Kathy Muller, Director Sales Development

Donna Gordon, Administrative Assistant

Kris Sabo, Franchise Development Support Manager

Larry “Perk” Perkins, Director of International

Charmayne Redd, Director of Advertising

 Thank you CE Team (and extended Team) for all you do!