Blog lesson #3 Be accountable to posting new messages!

Like many I use TweetDeck. I have several groups and this week I suggest my Twitter Friends Group for #FF. This group is a listing of individuals that I have met through Twitter and had the opportunity to get to know personally either on the phone or at a TweetUp.

@4thGear I have not met Randy personally but I hope to soon. I really enjoy his blog on leadership. We had our first conversation last week and plan to speak again soon.

@adriandayton Adrian is attorney and has some of the best 1 minute videos on his blog.

@foiledcupcakes OMG Mari has the best cupcakes ever! I can’ wait til she ships to Houston.

@jeffmello Jeff is as nice in person as he is on line. If you are a sports fan Jeff is the one you should follow.

@joetheproducer I met Joe in Chicago and he was so kind to contact me afterward and help me with a little research.

@joyfulbathco Rochel makes Wednesdays fun with #bathday. She has a great product and is a delight to talk to and work with.

@julibarcelona Julie is a marketing professional. We met in Chicago at a TweetUp and I enjoyed spending time with her and getting to know her personally.

@julito77 is a publisher, marketer and serious sports nut. He is outgoing and very friendly on and off line!

@Justinthesouth Justin is a camp director and an all around nice guy. Always fun to meet Twitter friends and then have the opportunity to video Skype to keep up.

@sarahrobinson I enjoy reading Sarah’s blog and waiting to see what book she recommends next. Her recommendation of Trust Agents was spot on. I love it.

@tastidlite BJ is a real techie and social media guru. We’ve not met in person but I’ve enjoyed talking to him on the phone and looking forward to the IFA convention so we can meet face to face!