Blog lesson #1: When establishing a blog in Feb and not posting the first entry until August be sure to post as a new entry!

Follow Friday (#FF)  as it is known on Twitter. #FF allows users to introduce those they follow and why. Here is my first list. It is limited to a few today with more to be added next week.

@DavidHandler is top on my list. I strongly believe that everyone needs a business coach. I have worked with David for several years. He is honest, ethical and dependable. 

@ginidietrich of Arment Dietrich is the PR firm for COMPUTER EXPLORERS but I also consider her a friend. I have worked with Gini for two years now. She has strong team members and over the years I have either met or worked with each member. Gini and her team makes me feel like I’m her top priority at all times. I know I am not the most important person on her list of clients or friends but that’s ok. At least I feel I am.

@TanyaFlynn is my Arment Dietrich account rep. We visit weekly and I’m not sure if she is more accountable to me or me to her! The PR and social media program is very important to COMPUTER EXPLORERS (CE). It is comforting to know that each Thursday morning at 9:30 Tanya will call and we’ll efficiently run through our to do list.

@CesLSU became my first Twitter Friend. My family thinks it is very strange and I think his family does too. The beauty of this Twitter friend is he lives in Houston. It was a lot of fun telling our story at a recent dinner party he invited my husband and me too. The looks of confusion by his real friends was priceless.

@paulsegreto is a raving fan of COMPUTER EXPLORERS (CE). I know this since he mentions us often in his blog podcast, tweets, etc. He has experience in franchising and is a social media expert. I look forward to his first presentation next week and I am confident he will do a great job!

@terrimcculloch is a network Queen. I think she knows everyone in the state of TX and has sent them my way! I believe secretly she wants to be part of the @CETeam and will soon find a way to make it happen. Until then I appreciate her networking expertise. She is someone to know, enjoy and follow.

@LorriW is the COMPUTER EXPLORERS (CE) Operations Manager. Life would stop or at least experience a great loss if Lorri were to leave us! She is our social media  and operations expert.  Lorri loves to think outside of the box and implement new practices that benefit the corporate team but most of all the system as a whole.

@CyndeePerkins is Director of Curriculum and Program Development for COMPUTER EXPLORERS (CE). Cyndee is a former educator and a franchisee. She is the education thought leader for CE. She understands education and how and what should be implemented into our programs.

@KathyM_ICED is the Sales Trainer for COMPUTER EXPLORERS (CE) as well as other ICED brands. Kathy spends a great deal of time training, coaching and role play with the CE franchisees. Sales is so important to the initial launch as well as continued growth of CE and I am thankful to have Kathy as part of the team.

@Charmayne01 wears many hats. She is the Advertising Director for ICED. She is creative, dedicated, reliable and methodical about her work. Best of all she is funny and the first person I visit if I am having a bad day.

My list is short and I have missed many. Please visit again as I add some great people to follow.